We take pride in being open and transparent with our community and stakeholders.


STS has a governance system in which stakeholders and investors will have the power of voting on proposals in order to participate in improvements of STS network. They can participate in the following two ways:


Tenders are budgeting plans which will be submitted to the governance system where every proposal will need to have a majority of votes in order to pass.


If a user decides to lock-in his coins, he/she will receive interest based on the number of coins staked, and the duration of time the coins were stored.


Tenders and budget plans are available to all STS holders. Our governance system will select projects for voting, based on a solution that best meets the following criteria:


Potential impact achieved by the implementation of the solution


Allows voters to vote on a future network development


Adding value by spreading a word out to the community


Awarding improvements of STS network


Allowing voters to make decisions on further development paths


Blockchains are a revolutionary technology, but they are still held back by fundamental limitations. To build truly decentralized applications that can achieve global adoption, we need protocols like STS that solve these challenges.

Blockchains face two major issues:

Data on the blockchain is accessible by anyone, making storing sensitive data impossible. This restricts the number of applications for blockchains.


Computing on the blockchain is too slow and expensive. Storing and computing over very large amounts of data on the blockchain is not feasible

What can we build?

The STS protocol will power an ecosystem of truly decentralized, world-changing applications

  • Protocol layer

    The STS privacy protocol allows for decentralized computation of sensitive data.

  • Platform layer

    On this protocol, dozens of platforms such as data marketplaces and AI exchanges can be built.

  • Application layer

    This enables thousands of truly decentralized apps that require private computation and secure data.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Build identity-based solutions including authentication, identity management, credentials and more.

Intellectual Property

Digital asset protection including copyright, digital media, digital notary and signatures, and the ability to easily catalogue works.

Managed Blockchain

Access and use Managed Bitcoin and Ethereum data through Open Chain Access Protocol, and managed Nodes.


Permissioned networks, access controls, license issuance and tracking, Data and 3rd-party integrations.

Documents and Data

Rapid development and POCs, Production ready or dev sandboxes, dev tools, easy deployment and management.

Business-Ready Platform

Verify the authenticity of documents, Proof of Existence, or e-signatures


ST9 Trade on ST9!

ST9 is a digital trading platform which is used by Forex speculators. This is a smart tool that has ability to analyze and summarize finance market. With ST9, you can join in predicting currency exchange rates of Forex, Crypto, Stock, … globally and become a professional trader.


SBank Join in SBank!

What is SBank?

SBank is a professional Capital – Management tool which is operated by a team of experts in Forex, Crypto, Stock, … trading globally.

SBank is a useful tool for people that do not really trust their ability when they join this field.

SBank creates a network of professional traders from different areas, who make profit source for users.

SB Shareholder

STSCapital Join in STSCapital!

What is STSCapital?

STSCapital is Shareholder System of STS-Group

STSCapital brings great opportunities for users to earn money from Affiliate Marketing program



A platform can be considered provably fair if there is a mechanism in place, which has ability to describe an algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness on the part of the service operator.

This is usually by using open source algorithms for random seed generation, hashing, and for the random number generator. Once a game has been played, the player can use these algorithms to test the game's response to his in-game decisions.

It is Blockchain! Thanks to its transparency and immutability, the Blockchain technology provides a certain underlying level of fairness. Provided that basic level of fairness, the owners of the platform then need to prove to the players that the game is working as principle, and that there is no room left for cheating. That is done via several methods, such as publishing the source code in open access and providing verification tools.

What is SBoom? trade on sboom!

It's a real time, simple, and exciting trading platform where you can securely trade in a fair environment.

Each round of trading, you have opportunity to place an order before the round starts. Once the round begins, a multiplier algorithm starts at 1x and begins climbing higher and higher.

At any moment, you can click "Cashout" to lock in the current multiplier which awards you with your multiplied money.

The longer you stay in the trading round before cashing out, the higher the multiplier gets. That’s why you can completely keep your capital and a medium level of profit, or you can patiently stay in the trading round to hunt the high 1000x multipliers!

smart digital bank

swallet What is SWallet?

SWallet is a smart digital wallet mobile App with Smart Contract, which is used to store assets based on Blockchain technology platform.

SWallet is method of storing digital assets in wallet, but it can make profit 24/24.

With the same operating mechanism as traditional banks, users of SWallet can withdraw their capital at any time.

DO NOT buy investment packages, DO NOT convert into other coins, users only need store their digital assets in the wallet, then it will automatically make daily interest. Users can withdraw their digital assets at any time.

Profit is paid by STS, which is a kind of digital asset having potential growth thanks to ecosystems. Users can store STS to get compound interest, or convert into Bitcoin/Ethereum.

how it works? Download SWallet now

Crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, …)

Based on “Arbitrage Phenomena” to make Arbitrage Trading

Digital Assets stored in SWallet can be withdrawn at any time

Profit is paid by STS, and can be coanverted directly into BTC/ETH


SMARKET Shopping with SMarket now!

SMarket provides E-Commerce service where users can buy, sell many kinds of product with great deals. This is the result of association with big production sources in the world.

Operated by Blockchain, SMarket allows users to use STS for payment. This creates convenience in buying and selling products, and growth of STS’s price.

  • Great Deals
  • Smart Contract
  • Smart Payment method: STS
  • Blockchain maximizes protecting users’ interests

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